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18 gauge brad nailer wont fire




  • Handy Mann*
    1. Check Battery Health: Ensure the battery is fully charged and in good condition. Try with a different battery to rule out a power issue.

    2. Inspect for Jam: Even if it appears there's no jam, carefully inspect the nailer's firing mechanism and magazine for any obstructions or misaligned nails.

    3. Clean and Lubricate: Dust, debris, or lack of lubrication can cause firing problems. Clean the nailer thoroughly and apply the appropriate lubricant as per the user manual.

    4. Adjust Nail Strip: Ensure the nail strip is loaded properly, aligned, and within the specified size for the nailer. Misaligned or improper nails can cause firing issues.

    5. Check Firing Depth: Adjust the firing depth setting to ensure it's suitable for the material you're working on. Incorrect settings might prevent firing.

    6. Inspect Contact Element: Check the contact element (the part that makes contact with the workpiece) for any damage or misalignment. It should move freely and hit the nails squarely.

    Contact DeWalt Support: If the issue persists, reaching out to DeWalt customer support or taking the nailer to an authorized service center for professional inspection and repair might be necessary.

  • Tana Murray

    Hello Brian and thank you for contacting us! We've opened a ticket with our customer service team and will work to resolve your issue.

  • Tana Murray

    Hello @... thank you for your assistance.  We appreciate you!

  • Bryan

    I am having the exact same experience. I’ve only had the nailer for a few months and have probably fired 20 nails for some odd jobs around the house. I cannot even get it to wind. 
    What was the solution? 

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