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Flex volt battery stopped charging




  • Deeris

    Hello Steven Ashe,

    We appreciate your feedback and apologize or the issues you are experiencing. I see that you have contacted us. Our team in the UK will be reaching out to you to further assist. 

  • Steven Ashe

    Ok. Less than 3 weeks after reporting my problem with my battery,all has been resolved.
    The guys at Dewalt dealt with my issue and organised a pick up of faulty battery and sent me a replacement within 4 days… what can I say ,this type of service has given me more confidence in Dewalt as a company . I do not know what the issue was with the battery,but still very happy with the outcome. 1st class service start to finish. I will continue to use Dewalt tools as I have done the last 25 years 👍

  • Jason

    I have the same problem I’ve gone thru 3 ah 9 60 volt and 2-ah6 60 volt batteries  , 

    I do use them , I have 3 flex value lt grinders going all day long I’m not talking down on the product, but I should be confident in the tools that I own . everything I own is devote absolutely everything from my sawhorses to my squares. Everything is dewalt even my phone charger is dewalt . 

    I reached out to Dewalt. Hopefully they will get back to me


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