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Can I order replacement parts from DEWALT?

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  • Devender Kumar

    Sir m's iron garter was cutting with 14 inch dewalt chop saw its blade got broken but when new blade is installed it is bubbling making the curb very wide

  • Barto

    I've yet to get hold of dewalt to order a part. Every time I talk to somebody they pass me on to somebody else.


  • levin anaya

    my measure tape not working i need replacement please

  • Dave Brandt

    Where do I order in canada

  • James

    Need a replacement part in Canada

  • Paul Lawhead

    As a Canadian, and an owner of a significant number of DeWalt and Porter Cable tools, I find it really disappointing that we cannot order parts from ServiceNET.    I recall ordering parts on-line in the past, but it appears this is no longer available??  Why?   Earlier today I filled a cart with over $150 worth of parts for various tools only to find out this parts service is only available to “US residents”.   Thanks DeWalt!     Please update your order page to remove the “Province” and “Postal Code” option.  Last I recall, the USA doesn't have Provinces or use Postal Codes.

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Can I order replacement parts from DEWALT?