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I would like to contact DEWALT customer service

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  • Randy

    I submitted an email for my dewalt 4 1/2” grinder. It was purchased new and came with an Allen wrench rather than a pin handle wrench to loosen and tighten the disk nut

  • Randy

    I have not heard anything back from your service provider

  • Gary DuVall

    inquiring about the recalled replacement guard for the sliding miter saw,i was supposed to receive an email within 48 hrs ,that was a week ago.Just curious if my claim was accepted


  • Conrad Milachouski

    I bought a atomic 20v impact 32days after trigger started to become laggy next thing dead .nothing .contacted customer service got the run around .i am a small business spent over 20k on tools last year i get the run around . I ha e to take it to a dewalt aproved repair shop on the 5 sunday in july wareing a tutu at sunset.this bs . Hiw about you stand behind your tools an replace my gun or money.tried bringing it back to homedepot who basically said 32 days to bad 2 days past return policy call dewalt

  • Steven Taylor

    Well i will definitely not recommend anyone get dealt tools moving forward in the future after the 3 week experience I've had trying to get something done with my warranties tool. This whole situation had been absolutely horrible. I've had no real help and after 3 weeks of talking to different representatives on the phone and on the site the only thing that has been completed is I have 3 different warranty ID numbers sent to me. So now I have 3 different requests in for the same tool. Dewalt is not the only power tool company out here for contractors like me to choose from.

  • Conrad Milachouski

    I am still with a busted impact an drill . After 32 days of being bought. I was told by dewalt to drive them ton there repair approved center that is over a hour away to see if fhey qualify for warranty covarge . So i have to put minimum 21/2 hours out my day to bring there just to sit an wait for him to approve a warranty isue. .what a joke . Dewalt does not give a crap for there customers. I will be parting with this company as i am starting to invest into other brands. The red one. I am not your num er one customer but a small business owner that has spent over 30k in tools last year alone. For small businesses its a lot an when i am rellaceing the same tools only months after that dosNt sit well

  • Rene Bal

    Upon installing my vacuum filter the turn knob came off and am unable to reassemble it properly thus not being able to use any my as it does not lock in. Attempted to return to place of purchase, however I no longer have my receipt.
    Can you please assume with a new replacement?

  • James Adkins

    DeWalt has lost any future sales on my behalf.

    Service Center sucks they have my new tool that ran a total of 30 seconds out of the box. They quickly sent a mailing label to one of their Service Centers. Product was sent to Service Center 111 and arrived April 19 at 4:19 PM at Dock. Contacted Center several weeks later and was told they were waiting on parts.

    August 18th as of this this day. No answer at Service Center.

    Will be Milwaukee from now on and never look back. Can't wait to get rid of my remaining DeWalt tools which I haven't had issues with (yet) and this is the same manner in which I removed another high regarded company from my dealings.

  • Randy Atkinson

    Your website is horrible and finding service center search is also not accurate !!

  • John lincoln

    I purchased dcc0201 air inflated from lowes used it about 4 times and am getting zero 5 code what can we do ?

  • James Bergeron

    I ordered a DeWalt router and it came missing the 1/2" nut and collet. This took all the fun out of buying. Tomorrow I'm driving 2 hours to bring it back because I need it tomorrow.

  • Michael Buccola

    My DCF601F2 screwdriver broke after 6 months of use. ServiceNet states the unit is still under warranty, but states the model is not eligible for repair. Presumably, they will not repair it, only replace. I contacted customer service to tell them this and ask how they handle the warranty coverage on this unit. Their response was to go to ServiceNet and request repair … an option that doesn't exist. I have replied explaining this confusion to them and now they won't respond. Cool.

  • Permanently deleted user

    I am 72 years old and this customer service experience has been the worst of my entire life. I'd just like to get my mower fixed. It's less than a year old and under warranty.

  • Jafong62

    I have a Dewalt DC 9310 fast charger and a Dewalt compact stick 18-volt battery.  When I insert the battery to the charger, there is a constant blinking, and the battery never charges.  This battery has never been used (UOC461FX819S13).  Has the battery expired or is the charger not working?  Does Dewalt have any compact stick 18 Volt battery in stock?  Any suggestion as to where I can get a Dewalt compact stick 18-volt battery?

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I would like to contact DEWALT customer service