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Where can my product be repaired under warranty?

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  • Phil Antoni

    Bunch of misleading bs

  • Permanently deleted user

    I am extremely disappointed in Dewalt for sending customer service for the US outside the US. I will never talk with or give information to anyone out of country. I am also not a fan of the Automated Operator used at the beginning of all calls. I am a teacher and I have set up a number of shops with Dewalt tools. I can no longer do that. You are just another company taking the cheap way out at the expense of the customer. I cannot get the tools that should be warrantied taken care of now because of your decision to outsource Customer service. Get back to what is good for the country you sell in. move the Customer Service back so I can speak and understand who is on the other end. Chat is just as bad. It does not work. 

  • Kim Sims

    I totally agree with you. I have been on the phone for 2 days with different agents and I am worse off now than before.  Their is a HUGE communication break down.  They dont understand what I am asking and their accent is so thick I can't tell what they are saying.  I have zero confidence in sending anything off for warranty work.  I asked to be transfered to a supervisor and they said NO!  I asked for a different department and again NO!  So I got no answers to anything and have a pile of FLEX VOLT 6AH,9AH,12AH batteries that wont charge. 

  • James Woodward

    My shop is full of Dewalt tools that are going up for sale. Switching to Milwaukee.  Included is 2XR and 2Atomic impact drivers  with bad triggers. 2  ToughSystem rolling boxes that when you open after a rain it dumps all the water into the box. I have been buying DeWalt forever and have never tried to warranty anything. Now I try and cant get anywhere. Any tool I have bought for years, if DeWalt made one, bought it. No longer. Done with them.....

  • Ricky Hemphill

    I agree

  • Donald Lasowecky

    What lead them down this path? They had good products in the past and now that they have problems, they don’t want to deal with customers or the problem equipment. It’s a sorry situation that will be their demise as a company.

  • Kathy Hollifield

    wow this doesnt sound like its worth my time or effort except i pay the high price for dewalt expecting a good tool.  I cant afford to replace them all.  this is a shame.  anyone know of a good brand that keeps their word on warrenties.



  • JT

    Milwaukee here I come. Just ordered a 9 piece set. See if I can get rid of this yellow n black junk at a garage sale I guess…

  • Tim Brown

    Strimmer was 2 weeks out of warranty, Dewalt were not interested. Went to local hardware store which is an approved Dewalt centre who assessed and told me it looked like new still and the fault was a design issue which caused overheat and electrics to short out. They fixed it for free. I will never buy Dewalt again but will support my local hardware store

  • Eli Protiva

    This is crap, my new powerstack 5ah died and I have to drive to another town to repair

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Where can my product be repaired under warranty?