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What is the difference between MAX, XR, and ATOMIC?

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  • James Lin

    This seems inaccurate.  There are 20V MAX tools (e.g. ) that are brushless.

  • Ray Armstrong


  • Scott Wilson

    So do I throw all my flexvolt tools away because they do not say XR on them :( i thought i was buying good stuff flexvolt , and atomic , but apparently i should have got all my dewalt tools from lowes, they sell xr tools but home depot doesnt , so I think that solves dewalts problems, home depot only sells atomic and flexvolt and outdated tools , lowes sells the x r and power detect and out dated tools. Omg. Can we just call the drills names like I do. 



    Denese .

    Notice the D DeWalt is the last names. 

    Sure beats the 999, 445, 887. Geeese have some creativity , and add a magnet to the side for a few extra screws or bits . 

  • Jake Reinke

    I've been having nothing but issues with the dealt impacts. Triggers are all junk. Speed fluctuations, triggers not working at all. You name it. I'm tired of buying junk when its supposed to be top of the line. I make money using tools. Seems I'm buying more then making. Replacing junk is not my business. Default has to make this problem right..

  • John Sutton

    I’ve just got a DeWalt Impact driver. And on the box it says, DCF961B but when I open the box my driver says DCF961 I like to know why there is not a letter B on the impact driver or was there a mistake and the wrong driver was put in the box? I can not find any information on why the latest driver has a letter B on it and why? John S

  • Jason Lootens

    For the cost of Dewalt tools they should all be brushless

  • Antoni Szachowicz

    John Sutton, I think the B is for the way the tool is packaged, presumably standing for Bare. They give another code for the tool with batteries, in this case DCF961GP1. They're the same impact driver.

  • John Sutton

    Yes you’re right. It’s packed in the box with out a battery. Thank you

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What is the difference between MAX, XR, and ATOMIC?