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Is Black and yellow fever a thing for you?




  • Mike Howard

    I'm new too and happy to see your post! Dewalt is indeed such a household name. It's the first brand that comes to mind for any powertool needs anyone would ever ask me. About 80% of my tools are from the brand too.

  • Jose E Rubio

    Hey I hear on that , Mr . Jason Eden my dad loves his 18v drills jaja that's right. I'm also like we say in Spanish soy fiel lol that mean I'm loyal too DEWALT!! Ride or quality and mike that's right ..

  • Maycol

    Hi Jason Eden
    Awesome! We love to read stories and experiences like yours. We appreciate your loyalty towards our products.
    Thank you for choosing DEWALT for your toughest jobs and thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day!

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