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18 volt tools




  • Tana Murray

    Hello Jonathan Hoffman and thank you for contacting us.   The DEWALT 18V batteries are only interchangeable with DEWALT 18V tools.  They are not compatible with any other brand. Mallif is not a DEWALT brand and therefore not compatible with the DEWALT 18V batteries.   We apologize for the inconvenience. 

  • Tana Murray

    Jonathan Hoffman DEWALT does not have an 18V hot glue gun available, only 20V. 

  • Jonathan Hoffman

    Do you know if any 3rd party company makes a glue gun that can run off Dewalts 18s? I'm a big proponent of having all your tools being able to run off 1 battery. If someone knows of a knockoff that I can do this with I would love to hear about it

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