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DW735 Type12 Motor Burned up



  • Mark Stonis

    I have the DW735X Type 1 and the same thing happened to mine only I had been using it for just over 3 years. Bought in July of 2020 and warranty ran out by a couple months. I could hear the power output changing and the sound of the motor became different. Then the motor starting smoking real bad and the breaker button tripped. The motor was super hot to the touch. I did the same and ordered a brand new Field, Armature, Bearings and Brushes and rebuilt the motor because there is no Dewalt Service facility anywhere near me. I live in VA Beach, VA and they state there is one is Hampton but when you call them they say they haven’t been repairing tools now for about 2 years and DeWalt needs to update their system. The next nearest to me is in Pennsylvania. DeWalt told me I could ship it and gave me the site to do so but after typing in my model info the site says my tool is not eligible for shipping. I reached out again to Dewalt and they sent me a shipping label to my email which was good. I decided to rebuild it myself but the first Armature I installed went bad within the first 8-10 passes. Just like yours, one of the metal plates raised up and caused a bunch of sparking and a continued loss of power. Fortunately I caught it before it ruined the Field and I ordered another one returning the defective one. It’s working great now after about a month of hassle to get this fixed. I’m overall very happy with Dewalt products and this was my first big hiccup with them/the product. My other small issue was a Hammer Drill. Somehow got stuck in hammer mode and won’t come out of it.

  • Nathan Mizrahi

    Wow I am not alone. I to bought the 735 Dewalt thickness planer that sat in its original box for 2-3 years. I finally unboxed the beast 3 weeks ago and was impressed by what I saw. I am retired and began my woodworking career about 6 months ago and realized how much sanding I could avoid using this machine. My experience with planers was NONE, But using the planer was straightforward and quickly got the hang of it. I was planing 4x4 redwood lumber to use as legs for my new workbench. Cut to 24” sections I began planing each board 4 passes per side  lowered ½ turn for a total of 16 passes thru the planer. Half way thru my 16th pass I now believe I pushed the planer to hard it caught fire. Now the motor just clicks but that’s all. I realize my inexperience caused the problem and am wondering if replacing the motor is worth it or should I take the loos and look for an alternative brand that is reliable and cost a bit less than the $700 I spent on the Dewalt

  • Budd Hudgins

     Have the same problem.  Had the unit about 9 months motor shorted out.  Was barely covered by warranty.  When it was returned I kept the table polished and slick.  Made sure to make only minimal passes.  After approximately 60 board feet sparks and a motor fire.  Now what do I do?  I can’t seem to find a motor on line and I really don’t want the pain of packing it up and sending it back.  I even had my electrician check my electrical feed.  Does Dewalt have any suggestions?  Or do I buy a new unit from a competitor?   Will anybody read this?

    Budd Hudgins


  • Burke Turner

    This is complete crap. Same thing type 1 735X from 2019.  I used it for 1.5 projects and the motor burns up.  Never taken more than a 16th. Used. It to make a couple of walnut picture frames and then it dies planing some redwood decking - WTF? If I hadn’t left it sitting boxed in my garage for so long it would definitely go back to the land of misfit tools.  Service center wants 329 to fix buying OEM parts will damn near cost me that to rebuild the motor myself.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Last DeWALT POS I buy.

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