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What's the difference between DCF850 modes?




  • Maycol

    Hi Mike Mannion
    As per our records, our customer service team was able to assist you, if you need further assistance, please let us know.

  • Mike Mannion

    Yes, chat support followed up a few hours after our chat session with the following information:

    this tool features the Precision Drive mode which enables greater control in lighter applications to avoid damage to materials or fasteners. It is ideal for light applications such as cabinet hinge screws or machine screws. 
    Precision Drive mode will work as a screwdriver in light applications, before hesitating as the screw head reaches the workpiece, and then (if required) start a slow controlled impact to ensure the head ends perfectly flush.
    This mode is for light-duty screwdriving applications. If the tool will not drive a fastener in Precision Mode, please select mode 2 which will give the additional power required.

    If I'm understanding correctly, Mode 1 does two things:

    1. Limits the top speed and/or torque and/or impact rate
    2. Pauses briefly when switching between non-impact ("screwdriver") and impact modes

    My DCF891 has a similar feature to #2, where it pauses when reaching a certain torque, giving the operator a chance to release the trigger and avoid over-torquing the fastener. I like that feature, and am glad that the DCF850 has it, as well.

    As for whether to use Mode 2 or Mode 3, the latter is at least faster, if not higher torque, than the former. If that's the case, I think I just need to use the tool some more to get a sense for which is most appropriate for different applications.


    Maycol would you please log an enhancement request for the product team to include this information in the DCF850 manual? Specifically, please ask them to address the following differences between each mode:

    • Mode 1 pause feature
    • Maximum RPM
    • Maximum torque (if indeed there is a difference)

    Thank you.

  • Maycol

    Mike Mannion sure. Your feedback is valuable as we take into consideration every piece of feedback that we come across. We have documented your comments and sent them to our product team for review and future consideration. It is feedback like yours that allows us to make improvements.

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