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DNP612 Plunge Base - Screw size / rod size




  • Greg Skluzacek

    BTW, I also have opened up a support ticket for this question... I will post an update here, if I ever get one ;-)

  • Greg Skluzacek

    So no update to my ticket yet and it’s been 5 days now… how hard is it to get the product in question and figure out what size screw it takes? I mean they are the ones that manufacture the product…

  • Greg Skluzacek

    So I got a response today on my original ticket

    I was told that the holes I was inquiring about were for the DW9613 Universal DEWALT Router Edge Guide, which I disagree with. As the DW9613 attaches to the side of the DNP612 where the base is curved and the holes I'm asking about are on the flat portion of the base.

    Does anyone know if the DW9613 can be mounted on the front of the DNP612 base? I do not own the DW9613 so I can not check this.

    I have marked up a user image from the Amazon product page for the DW9613 that show it attached to the DNP612. The image has BLUE ARROWS that clearly indicate the holes that I am inquiring about and RED circles with lines through them, showing the holes where the DW9613 attaches that I am NOT interested in.

    So I have opened up a follow up ticket with DeWalt. Hopefully the details that I am looking for are now completely clear...

  • Maycol

    Hi Greg Skluzacek
    As per our records, our customer service team was able to assist you, if you need further assistance, please contact to a trained Service Center technician or expert that you may know.

  • Don Patterson

    Hi Greg, did you ever find our what they are for and the sizes? 1/4" rod fits but is sloppy as does 10-20 screw. However, everything else is metric so, while these work they are not ideal.

  • Greg Skluzacek

    No, I haven’t figured out what the screw holes are for, but I ended up disassembling the router base and then drilling the holes out and tapping them for a M6 1mm pitch screws. Disassembling wasn’t too bad and it was easy to reassemble as well. As for the steel rods, I used a set of drill bits and was able to get a close approximation of the size, but I forget what it is, as I decided to use the 7mm rod that I had on hand.

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