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How do I replace trimmer line on new DEWALT String Trimmers with new QuickLoad Spool Heads?

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  • Ronald Baker

    Once again I've sent several requests for help without any help. I assure you I shall never buy a DeWalt product again. Stihl, here I come


  • Jeff Bowe

    Whom ever came up with this design should have their head examined. Gonna sell this garbage and go find a trimmer with a spool that's easily removed and wrapped. And can carry a wound spare.. idiots.

  • James Fitzpatrick-Ellis

    I have to admit that the design of this is a little funky. Also I'm not impressed if customer service is as bad as the two mentions above.

    There is a big design floor, using an open bearing for the strimmer head, where it is only protected by a loose metal cap, held in place by the spool head. This needs to be changed to a sealed bearing. 

    The instructions for the replacement of the trimmer line are not very clear either. The pre-spooled trimmer line had become tangled in the head itself, which needed dismantling to enable the line to be sorted. There were no instructions on how to do this correctly. 

  • Benjamin Draughn

    I have had this trimmer for about 5 years and it is still working as it should. I do think the way to ad string is a bit daunting, but this article and a few different people on YouTube make it easy. 

    I haven't dealt with CS but i did by a couple extra spools to have them preloaded and they are an easy switch with a screwdriver to hold and twist off. 

    Is this for commercial use NO but for my couple of acres it gets the job done. User error would be my guess if someone is completely unhappy with the product. The price and the ease of use makes it great for me. Plus 5 years so far for sub $100, I'll take it.

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How do I replace trimmer line on new DEWALT String Trimmers with new QuickLoad Spool Heads?