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Why is the product registration site not working for me?

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  • Cambremer

    any resolution on this? i would like to register my many dewalt products on the website to keep track of them

  • Jdsimon28

    Likewise. When I try to sign in all it does it take me back to a blank sign in page. That's a drill, a recip saw and an SDS drill I've had in the last 5 months that I haven't successfully registered with you.

  • Matt Ratson

    Still seems to be an issue with registering tools. When trying to input the product ID number it just keeps saying invalid number. I have several tools I just purchased ready to register.

  • Jdsimon28

    Don’t expect too much help, Matt. Been trying to register for almost a year, their Customer Support is almost non-existent and the myriad of enquiries I’ve made have been closed. They tour this extended warranty etc., but despite having a few tools, and having sent proof of purchase and serial numbers, that apparently isn’t sufficient.

  • Aaron

    Im still having trouble registering my products. I registered them all on my phone but doesnt populate my Tool Box on website. I can't believe you guys have issues like this being Dewalt. Is this a way for them to come up with an excuse not to validate the warranty? 

  • William Rains

    I want to register my black and decker cordless drill but my model number is not accepted I cam find no date on tool either .When I try to register it takes me to dewalt tool site the black and decker tool model number means nothing .So I sign in to dewalt ,black and decker,craftsman and I get same message and cannot registr my toll .Nor can I find any repair or service dept to take my tool and repair or replace it ./ Your liturature states you have over 200 repair shops ,well per your map not one of them is in the USA there are no repair places listed any where in USA . What the +-==- is a person to do after wasting so much time to register register register and get sent back to same place . Its a circle jerk maybe this is how warranty repairs are kept low .Confuse customer until they say f it and trash the broken tool ,then buy a tool with a warranty where it doesnt take hours of doing same bs looking for model numbers that do not work ,not listed .then it says put date code on form cant do that either because there is no date code on the tool .To read the limited info on tool I had to use a powerful magnifiying glass ,it was still very hard to read . This is ridiculous . second time this week going through this crap to get a tool repaired or replaced under warranty . What good is a warranty when you dont recognize any model numbers and make sign up register forms a joke make customer do it over and over . I will vote with my purchase power and spend my money elsewhere . This is b s  It seems you can deny warranty claims becauyse the repair stations we are supposed to use are not in the USA per your maps to locate service centers .Should I fly to columbia to return a broken tool?  Unacceptable ,false advertiseing ,false warranty claims ,cannot find the hundred and ghundreds repair centers that are  all over the usa ,per the written statements on the many different sites we go through over and over with no results . When a customer gets jerked around like this a bad taste happens when looking at new tools and false claims .So a different tool brand is purchased . Cant be any worse then the crap I am dealing with now. Thanks B D   your warranty is useless . even the basic warranty which is what I am trying to submit broken tool to . Broke after second use.      

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Why is the product registration site not working for me?