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What is the DEWALT Money Back Guarantee?

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  • Daniel Bellos

    what exactly are we supposed to do when the retailer won't take the item back during the 90-day money back guarantee That's the problem I'm having right now Westlake saying that they don't do that I have the original receipt and it was bought February 24th 2022 first attempt to return was on May 12th 2022 They would not take it

  • Ginger Poss

    Lowe's is horrible for this.

  • Sherry Federico

    also ran into the lowes no return policy. im glad dewalt offers this but i've been waiting well over a month for a $300 check and can't understand why it should take so long. Also, they don't refund the sales tax so if you bought an expensive tool at lowes you could potentially be out alot of money.

  • joseph perez

    yeah screw lowes  they did same to me

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What is the DEWALT Money Back Guarantee?