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Where can I find a service center to repair my tools?

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  • John Colon

    Your website is really difficult to get around, I spent 10 minutes and i still dont know where can i send my tool to get repaired.



  • Steve Colley

    No a good review

  • Tom Boren

    Double sucks

  • Jill Rose

    When you see the word "LINK" if you do click/tap on it, I've noticed it's usually a link to whatever they're referring to in their support answer. I also agree, it is a very difficult site to get around. I'm unable to find an answer to what I'm looking for and don't want to ask the question if it's already been asked and answered. But finding the help seems to be too daunting on this site. I hope to find another more useful site than this.

  • Charles Duncan

    Yes, it does suck. I cannot find out where to send my tools. out of warranty to get serviced.

  • Anna Espino

    I have spent 3 hours being transferred and talking to different people, being placed on hold, I also had my home store call for me and they were given the run around. DeWalt sucks!! They don’t know what they’re doing and keep transferring.

  • TRS Mechanical C/O Karen Laidler

    log in sucks I can't check out with the same password I have spent way too much time trying to pay for a repair to send out


  • Mike Coco

    Not happy with this website. All you have to do is answer everyone question on where the nearest repair sit is located. This website is not up to DeWalt standards.


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Where can I find a service center to repair my tools?